Why You Need A Legal Living Will

Get a legal living will You know that you should have a living will to protect your family and preserve your estate in the event that you are unable to make decisions on your own. But you need to have a legal living will. If you are like me, you’d like to save some money and get a free living ...

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Preparing Advance Medical Directives

Advance Medical Directives Check List

Completing advance medical directives on a budget When you think of the preparation of legal documents, if you’re like most people, you think about the cost. After all, hiring an attorney is not cheap. But there’s some good news. Preparing advance medical directives does not require the  assistance of an attorney. And advance directives, commonly known as living wills, can ...

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Medical Power Of Attorney Form – No Attorney required

Happiness is Completed Medical Power of Attorney Forms

Why you need a medical power of attorney form Once a living will has been completed it is necessary for a person to have a health care surrogate to speak for them. The medical power of attorney form appoints a surrogate and is a compliment to the living will. Both forms are required and valuable when people are unable to ...

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Why You Need Completed Do Not Resuscitate Forms

Do Not Resuscitate

A living will is not complete without a Do Not resuscitate order A Do Not Resuscitate form (DNR) is common for people who are suffering from a chronic illness and feel that efforts to resuscitate them may only lead to a decreased quality of life. Having a current Do Not Resuscitate form completed is necessary to make your wishes known ...

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Living Will Blank Forms Need To Be State Specific

State Specific Living Will Forms

Living Will blank forms – not good enough We all like to save money, but some short cuts can be costly if we are not careful. Finding blank living will forms online and filling them out with the assumption that all living will forms are the same, can be one of these costly mistakes. If you are looking for free ...

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Medicare Eligible – Get a Free Printable Living Will

Medicare enrollment is a good reminder to get a free printable living will When you turn 65 it’s time for Medicare enrollment. If you reach that point in your life and have not gotten a living will this may be a good time to put one in place to make your wishes known and protect your family.  Turning 65 or ...

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Medical Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney Forms appoint a health care surrogate Who would you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf if you were incapacitated? This is the question that often goes unanswered due to procrastination. If you are thinking of preparing a living will, you also need to complete a medical power of attorney form. A medical power of attorney ...

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Finding A Living Will Template

A living will sample is not a living will template Often times people want a living will and just assume that if they find a living will sample, it can just be copied with their personal information added. But a living will sample is not a template. A living will template needs to be State specific. Every State has different ...

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Free Printable Living Will

Printable Living Will Who else wants to save money on attorney fees? Just about everyone! Now you can. This is your opportunity to get a free printable living will. Everyone needs to prepare a living will. We all want to protect your loved ones from situations that could cause them pain. The purpose of a living will is to make ...

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