Finding A Living Will Template

A living will sample is not a living will template

Living Will Sample Is Not a Living Will Template

Often times people want a living will and just assume that if they find a living will sample, it can just be copied with their personal information added.

But a living will sample is not a template. A living will template needs to be State specific. Every State has different requirements when it comes to preparing a living will. Such things as whether the living will  needs to be notarized or just witnessed are often taken into consideration.

Attorneys charge several hundred dollars to prepare living wills. But they are not reinventing the wheel. State specific living will templates are often used to prepare your living will. This is a resource that can be found online. Keep your wallet in your pocket and get a free printable living will.

Your online living will needs to be complete

When searching for a free printable living will make sure that you are getting the whole package. In addition to a living will, you need to have the medical power of attorney form so that you can name a health care surrogate that can make decisions if you are not able to. You may also want to have a do not resuscitate order completed.

Remember, if you are in a situation where you can not make your wishes known personally, you need to have your Ts crossed and Is dotted. Do not leave anything to chance. Your living will needs to be complete and your health care surrogate needs to understand their role and your wishes.

Make sure that you have a living will template that is State specific and not just a living will sample that you intend to copy to add your personal information to.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on attorney’s fees when you are armed with knowledge and a free printable living will.