Living Will Blank Forms Need To Be State Specific

Living Will blank forms – not good enoughState Specific Living Will Forms

We all like to save money, but some short cuts can be costly if we are not careful. Finding blank living will forms online and filling them out with the assumption that all living will forms are the same, can be one of these costly mistakes.

If you are looking for free printable living will forms online, make sure that you have a State specific living will form. Laws vary from one State to the next and the last thing you want, is to have your medical power of attorney told that they don’t have the legal right to make decisions on your behalf due to an invalid document.

Why State specific living will forms?

States have different requirements as to what needs to be included on a living will form, as well as varying terminology. Some States require that living will blank forms be notarized. Many States only require that your living will be witnessed by one or more people. In some instances, a State may require that at least one of your witnesses not be related to you.

Because States require their own variation of living will forms, it’s also important to update your living will documents if you change your residency to a another State.

It’s also a good idea to get your living will blank forms from a reputable company. Don’t make the mistake of using forms that do not meet the letter of the law. Most online resources have forms that will meet your needs and will allow you to avoid the high cost of attorney’s fees.

Most attorneys are using the same living will templates that you have access to. There is no reason to pay hundreds of dollars to an attorney who is going to fill in the blanks on a living will template. For some of the high fees that they charge, you think that they are going to the law library to start from scratch. This is simply not the case.

Many legal forms are available online at huge discounts from the fees you would pay an attorney. Of course you should use common sense and retain an attorney if the situation warrants it. But for living will blank forms, you should be fine if you make sure that your forms are State specific and up to date.