Medical Power Of Attorney Form – No Attorney required

Why you need a medical power of attorney formHappiness is Completed Medical Power of Attorney Forms

Once a living will has been completed it is necessary for a person to have a health care surrogate to speak for them. The medical power of attorney form appoints a surrogate and is a compliment to the living will. Both forms are required and valuable when people are unable to speak for themselves.

The medical power of attorney form is an integral part of your living will package. A living will without a Medical POA will leave you without an advocate if you are unable to communicate your wishes.

When selecting a healthcare surrogate you should first consider a few factors before  giving them the responsibility to act on your behalf for medical decisions. Getting this right can ensure that things go smoothly and your wishes are followed.

The person you choose as your surrogate should be trusted completely knowing that no matter how difficult the situation could be it is their responsibility to communicate your wishes. The chosen surrogate should also be emotionally stable and able to effectively and efficiently communicate with the health care providers as well as other parties such as the family members who were not selected to act as surrogates.

Before you complete your medical power of attorney form a discussion about the decision to name them as surrogates is necessary.  They should know what type of medical procedures you would prefer to have and what medical procedures should be withheld. Once they are aware of these wishes you can then determine if your preferred surrogates can be relied on to make these sensitive decisions.

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Saving money on your living will and medical power of attorney forms

It is often over-kill to pay an attorney hundreds of dollars to prepare your living will and medical power of attorney forms. Although these forms are legal documents there are plenty of online resources where you can keep a lot of money in your pocket.

The key is to use a reputable company and be certain that you are receiving a State specific living will, medical power of attorney and do not resuscitate order forms.

It’s also a good idea to have an extra copy of blank medical power of attorney forms. If you need to change your health care surrogate you will need to complete new forms.