Medicare Eligible – Get a Free Printable Living Will

Medicare enrollment is a good reminder to get a free printable living will

When you turn 65 it’s time for Medicare enrollment. If you reach that point in your life and have not gotten a living will this may be a good time to put one in place to make your wishes known and protect your family.  Turning 65 or retiring near that age is generally when we enter a different life stage and set our financial affairs in order so we don’t have to worry about it.

You sign up for Medicare you make sure your Social Security is being direct deposited, roll over your 401K or start to take distributions from your IRA, So why not take this time to set up your living will. A living will or advance directive will make your wishes known in the event that you are unable to communicate those wishes in the future.

A free printable living will avoids the attorney fees

Many people believe that it is necessary to hire an attorney and pay hundreds of dollars in fees to have a living will prepared. This is not the case. You can secure a free printable living will online that is completely legal and State specific. Most States do not even require that your free printable living will be notarized. Most often, it is only necessary to have your living will witnessed with one or two additional signatures.

When you find a free living will to print you will also need to designate a medical power of attorney. This will be your health care surrogate. A health care surrogate will be empowered to make your wishes know if you are unable to do so. Free power of attorney forms are usually included when you find a free living will to print.

You may also want to consider a do-not-resuscitate order detailing in which circumstances you do not want heroic measures performed or your life extended by artificial means. You can even go as far as to not allow CPR to be performed.

Once you have your free printable living will:

  • Make at least two copies, one for you and one for your health care surrogate.
  • Complete the forms in their entirety.
  • Make sure your forms are witnessed properly.
  • Keep you living will with your other important papers.
  • Inform you health care provider that you have a living will.

Finding a free living will to print should be as automatic as enrolling in Medicare when you turn 65. Once you are on Medicare you generally find a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan to protect you, why not find a free printable living will to do the same?